Good for Merton, Good for You!

Merton Cycling Campaign (MCC) is working to make cycling safer and more enjoyable in Merton. We are the Merton borough group of the London Cycling Campaign which exists to promote cycling in Greater London for the benefit of individuals, local communities and the wider environment by:

 raising awareness of cycling issues

 campaigning to improve conditions for cyclists

 providing a range of services for members

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Xmas Lunch Ride, 9th December 2012

Hugh Morgan's UNSAFE – a review of London road safety audit procedures and the cyclist

MCC Membership: JOIN NOW!

Free cycle training – book now!

Catch the Bike Tube!

Free cycle route maps

Recommended local cycle commuting routes

Report that pothole! (or other highway maintenance issue)

Why Cycle? it's faster, greener, healthier, cheaper, and more fun!

Merton commuter challenge results 1997 – 2005: the bikes always win!

MCC Campaigning: what are we doing?

MCC News: what have we been doing?

MCC Rides: where are we going?

MCC Meetings: when, where and why?

Bike Shops in Merton: where are they?

MCC Submissions: what are we saying to the outside world?

MCC eGroup: what are we saying to each other?

MCC constitution

Cycle Safely: some useful tips

See our cycling promotion display here (209kb adobe acrobat file) and around the borough

Wimbledon Cycle Station: our vision for Britain's first attended cycle parking facility at a railway station

New uses for the Raynes Park cycle track…

Tribute to Andy Shea, 1949-2010

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MCC Co-ordinator Charles Barraball

MCC Newsletter Duncan Harper

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